Monday, April 11, 2011

The Secret Game - Collect and Win

Hidden in plain sight is a game to play.

The four sites to visit and accumulate tips:

You'll note that these align to the four principle points  of Nature, Economics, Ability, Spirit

At this writing, they are all under construction.

But you'll soon see that underlying all these is a game of sorts. There are 16 points and each point has 16 lessons or morals to collect - for a total of 256. Yes, that means it's hexadecimal based. Just simpler that way. Because the whole system is based on tetrads.

Each key point will link to four others. (At least.) By finding the clues and following these leads, you'll then be able to solve the system.

Hopefully, I'll make this clever enough to keep your interest.

The idea will also be to make the latter sets more difficult to find. Just to keep it more interesting.

Good luck.

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