Monday, September 2, 2013

Coaching is not just receiving - giving is far more effective

It's all about the value you give, not what you pay to get.

Napoleon Hill's How to Think and Grow Rich - The Classic Handbook of Success Proved By Over 500 World Leaders.

The underlying point of this is the Golden Rule. As Napoleon Hill had it, you have to give before you can receive. So treating others in such a way to make them rich is how you get rich.

Funny, huh?

That's the way it is. You see, the most ancient philosophies hold that we are all connected on various levels. So when you hurt someone else intentionally, you are also hurting yourself. Same goes for being critical.

But giving away a bright smile always pays you back in ways which you couldn't consider.

What this blog is going to cover from here on out will be about coaching. How you can get it, how you can give it. There's a lot of material I've had around from all the research I've been doing and I'm getting it out to you.

This site will have the coaching materials - so you can work to get this applied to other people and then watch your own abundance manifest around you.

Sounds good, right? Well, stay tuned...
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New books and materials coming to the Thrivelearning Library

Just wanted to give you a heads-up on the shifts in this Thrivelearning Institute Library blog.

You may have noticed the new "look and feel" recently installed. While it's true that the more things change, the more they stay the same - here we are simply streamlining the process to give you more tools to change and improve your life with.

The whole point is to take advantage of all these perfectly good books I've uncovered in my research and get these out to those who want and need them.

This blog will concentrate on the Library itself, with a specialty in the changes in beingness - the thoughts you think about yourself - which may be holding you back. Obviously, earlier than having a place to put that lever to move the world, Archimedes would have had to decide to move it first.

The books upcoming  - and will be listed on this site - are about how you can make changes in your mental scene which will enable certain opportunities to start showing up.

Just wanted to leave you a short post so you would know what's coming your way and why...
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Monday, April 11, 2011


In playing this game of tetrads, you can win certain prizes.

All of these have been sought through the ages. But no amount of money can buy them. No amount of slaves can build them for you. And oddly - you had them the moment you were born. You've been throwing them away ever since in all your efforts to get rid of them and be "normal".

This game only shows you how to regain them.

The prizes are:

  • Eternal Life
  • Endless Abundance
  • Fathomless Peace
  • Personal Freedom
Good Hunting!